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AUDEZE LCD-2 (Shedua) Headphone

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The beautifully handcrafted LCD-2, the planar magnetic headphone that put Audeze on the high-end map, delivers audiophile quality, low-distortion sound that articulates the power and nuance of your favorite music. The LCD-2 is the most forgiving of poor recordings in the LCD Collection with a beautiful, musically rich presentation that communicates the warmth, power and glory of music.

  • Acoustically engineered for accuracy, Audeze’s innovative planar magnetic technology delivers astonishingly clear and accurate sound.
  • Diaphragms thinner than a human hair.  By using space-age materials in a near weightless diaphragm three times larger than typical headphones the EL-8 exhibits fast response times, dramatically reduced distortion, higher resolution and improved imaging.
  • Near zero distortion thanks to Patented Uniforce voice-coil technology, delivering a uniform driving force across the entire diaphragm for near zero distortion.
  • Nearly double the magnetic driving force thanks to Patented Fluxor Magnet Arrays that focus the magnetic flux, nearly doubling the power driving the diaphragm for even lower distortion and greater accuracy.
  • Internal soundwaves - Patented Fazor Elements guide internal headphone soundwaves to avoid resonance producing a more accurate waveform.