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Aust Monitor GETOUT USB audio interface


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The GET OUT converts a USB stereo signal from a PC to two balanced line level outputs,
which helps to solve a myriad of problems experienced in the past when trying to deal with
computer audio. No more buzz!
The unit features a volume control and ground lift switch on the front facia side, and two XLR
and a USB input on its rear side. Power is supplied via the USB link.
When the supplied AB USB cable is connected from the GET OUT to a PC, audio instantly
passes.   The GET OUT functions with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OSX operating
systems without the need to install drivers. Simply plug and play .  It couldn’t be simpler.
The GET OUT operates as an external sound device for your laptop or PC. The device name
is “USB Audio Device” (Windows) or “USB Audio CODEC” (OSX).

Following connection to a computer, Windows will set the mixer volume to 50%. We
recommend you adjust this control to 100% in the interest of delivering optimal signal levels
with minimal noise. Simply open the Windows Control Panel, select Sounds and Audio
Devices, then select the “USB Audio Device” and set the Volume slider to maximum.

The GET OUT will also fit into our existing “U” style mounting bracket so that it can be
mounted under a table which is ideal in the corporate market.

There are hundreds of applications and installs the GET OUT will be ideal for.
Hire Companies should buy them in droves instantly and the education market dealers will
love them. It can be used in any environment where PC’s are incorporated…and that’s just
about everywhere!
•   Educational Facilities.
•   Places of Worship.
•   Conference Rooms and Lecture theatres.
•   Hire Companies.
•   Corporate Venues.