Choosing the Right Small Complete PA System with Outdoor Speakers and an Amplifier

All serious performing musicians require a quality PA system that delivers sound with definition and clarity, but with so many options from which to choose, deciding on the right product for your needs can be more than challenging. Some PA systems more.

Commercial AV Systems Installation in Brisbane – When to Hire and When to Buy AV Control Systems and Equipment

The right AV equipment will magnify the presentation and impact of your event, but a commercial AV system can feel like a major investment. Before you decide to buy or hire an AV system, consider the benefits of each option. At Brisbane Sound more.

What Are the Uses of a Commercial Sound System?

In spaces where people gather for events, good quality sound is of great importance. Clear directionality is central to a sound system fulfilling its purpose. During the installation of your commercial audio system, professionals more.

Don’t Know How to Install a PA System? Trust Us to Handle Your Outdoor PA System Installation

Almost all performing musicians, apart from those who only play intimate acoustic sets, require a sophisticated PA system to make sure an audience can hear them. PA systems come in a broad range of types and sizes, and each suits a different more.

Essential Music Recording Gear to Perfect Your Studio Production and Where to Find Equipment Packages

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Do It Yourself with Professional Recording Studio Equipment

The music industry is changing, and recording equipment has evolved, too. Musicians are increasingly seeking out smaller recording studios, to the benefit of small labels and local producers, or even recording themselves at home. At Brisbane more.

The Benefits of Professional Speaker Installation

Whether you are working in a professional recording environment or simply want the best home setup you can get, a professional speaker installation can change the way you enjoy your favourite music and other audio experiences. At Brisbane Sound more.