Essential Music Recording Gear to Perfect Your Studio Production and Where to Find Equipment Packages

Have you always dreamed of building a home recording studio, or are you trying to set up a studio for clients to produce their songs? If you’ve never set up a studio before, you need to decide which gear and equipment you need to start. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make a basic studio, but there are specific pieces of equipment you must have.

While you can create a very simple studio with just a few bits and pieces, it’s worth investing in gear that’s built to last, especially if multiple bands will be using it. Most equipment from the top manufacturers come with warranties, and they result in a higher-quality production than some of the cheaper alternatives. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a supplier of music production equipment that can offer recommendations as well as handle the installation, you’ve come to the right place.

At Brisbane Sound Group, we opened the doors of a small music equipment shop over thirty years ago, and we’ve since grown to become one of the most highly recommended suppliers of music recording equipment in Brisbane. In fact, we provide studio gear to musicians and recording studios across Australia, and people choose us because we handle not only the supply of equipment but also repairs, maintenance and installations. Continue reading below to learn more about the gear you need to start your own recording business.

What Music Recording Equipment Do I Need to Get Started?

  1. Computer: If you’re just getting started, your current computer should be fine. However, if you need a new computer to mix tracks, purchase the most powerful one you can afford.
  2. Audio Interface/DAW Combo: Though you can buy an audio interface and a DAW separately, purchasing a combo saves much hassle.
  3. Microphone: A basic large diaphragm condenser mic can record vocals as well as instruments.
  4. A Microphone Stand: Make sure you invest in a high-quality, sturdy mic stand so that musicians don’t find recording while playing an instrument too challenging.
  5. Headphones: If you plan to record any solo work, you’ll need a pair of headphones. Ideally, you require closed back headphones for tracking and open back headphones for mixing.
  6. Studio Monitors: Traditionally, musicians have recorded tracks using speakers, so purchase some decent studio monitors if you want to be the first-choice recording studio in your area.
  7. XLR Cables: For a basic studio setup, you’ll need a long XLR cable for your microphone and two shorter ones for your computer monitors.
  8. Pop Filters: These pieces of equipment remove the ‘pop’ sound from vocals (the sound produced when you pronounce B and P).

Let Us Recommend, Supply, Install and Maintain Your Music Recording Studio Equipment

Rather than buy individual pieces of recording studio gear, you could make life straightforward by purchasing one of our recording studio equipment packages, which contain everything you need to start your home studio or business. Call us on 07 3257 1040 if you want us to recommend the most suitable products for your requirements as well as handle the installation.