Don’t Know How to Install a PA System? Trust Us to Handle Your Outdoor PA System Installation

Almost all performing musicians, apart from those who only play intimate acoustic sets, require a sophisticated PA system to make sure an audience can hear them. PA systems come in a broad range of types and sizes, and each suits a different purpose. For example, small, portable PA systems are perfect for bands that tour small to medium-sized venues in Brisbane. However, if you plan to play music at a large outdoor festival, you’ll require a system that produces at least 1,500 watts.

Size and power aren’t the only factors you need to consider when choosing a PA system. You also need to think about the functionality you require, such as how many instruments and vocals you want to plug into your solution and your mixing needs. Fortunately, finding a suitable indoor or outdoor PA system doesn’t need to be challenging or stressful if you purchase one from us.

At Brisbane Sound Group, we proudly stock one of the state’s broadest selections of PA systems, from those that are made up of a variety of standalone components to complete packages. Since 1986, we’ve been providing top-quality music recording equipment, visual gear and accessories to musicians and venues in the Brisbane area. Plus, thanks to our reputation for excellence, we’re now a preferred supplier and installer for many clients across the nation.

Why Let Us Install Your PA System?

If you don’t know how to install a PA system correctly, we can handle the set-up on your behalf. Here’s why so many people call us when they need a new PA solution:

  • We’re highly experienced
    As a company that’s operated for over three decades, we know the ins and outs of music recording gear and live performance equipment, meaning you can trust us for honest advice and suitable recommendations regarding indoor or outdoor PA installations.
  • We handle all aspects of your outdoor PA installation
    We can go further than just offering installation advice – we can complete the setup of your system regardless of your location or requirements. We’ve installed PA systems for countless clients over the years, many of which would only choose us to take care of such a task.
  • We supply systems from the leading manufacturers
    We only sell and install PA solutions that will continue working for years no matter what job they need to do. Plus, most of our products come with fantastic warranties, giving you peace of mind regarding their durability and capabilities.
  • We stock all the visual and sound products you require
    If you want to remove the headache from planning an unforgettable show, you might be interested in browsing our range of visual and audio solutions.

Book Your PA System Installation

We consider ourselves to be the one-stop-shop for recording equipment and live gear. Plus, in addition to the supply and installation of top-quality products, we also offer repair and maintenance services. If you want to partner with a supplier of PA systems that you can trust for advice and high-value prices, we welcome you to contact us on 07 3257 1040.