Enttec 70573 DPRO 2U Lighting Control Software (2 Universe)

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By Enttec
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ENTTEC Pty Ltd and db Audioware, the team who came out with the 2009 Rock Our World Award-winning lighting control software DMXIS , have partnered again on a product that will give lighting professionals the same wow factor.

D-PRO is a software based lighting controller which plays well with a host of different professional level hardware devices from ENTTEC. It has plenty of advanced features for the most demanding lighting professional, allowing for control of up to 2 universes worth of DMX512 data, and it packs more than a few innovations.

D-PRO's graphical user interface will allow novices and veterans alike a quick learning curve, but for the seasoned operator who wishes it, a robust command line is available. It supports virtually unlimited cues, palettes and groups, a multi-layered cuelist playback engine, scripting, effects and much more.

  • Unlimited Groups, Unlimited Palletes and, Unlimited Cues allowed !
  • With the Advanced Timing feature, any category of attributes for any fixture can have its own time in a cue, separate from the overall cue timing.
  • A concept familiar to many moving light console users, the "Programmer" area allows live edits to be made, and saved as a cue, group, or palette.
  • D-PRO employs standard editing conventions for cutting, pasting and copying so it's easy to learn and powerful to use.
  • D-PRO supports all three of Enttec's popular wing series natively.
  • In conjunction with the release of D-Pro Enttec is announcing a standalone version. Immediatly available for the Datagate Mk2, and soon on a new USB-based product.