PreSonus E5 5.25" Active Studio Monitor (Each)

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When you’re ready to get serious about recording, it’s time to step up to PreSonus Eris-series studio monitors. Cheap computer speakers and home-stereo speakers won’t reveal the truth about your mix. They aren’t designed for that.

In contrast, Eris speakers are real studio monitors, delivering a very accurate response with a tight bass and very clear upper end. That’s what you need in a home studio. Thanks to well-designed Kevlar® low frequency transducers, low-mass silk-dome tweeters, responsive Class AB amplification, and professional acoustic-adjustment controls, Eris delivers the goods.

Yet Eris-series speakers are ultra-affordable, making them a terrific value. And with two models, you can easily find the Eris monitor that best suits your studio needs.

When Size Matters

If space is at a premium, or if you want the ultimate in portability, consider the compact Eris E5, which takes up just 7 x 10.24 x 7.68 inches (178 x 260 x 195 mm) and weighs in at just 10.2 lbs (4.63 kg). You can shoehorn this little beauty into almost any studio space.

The E5 sports a 5.25-inch, Kevlar low-frequency driver, mated with a 45W, Class AB amplifier; and a 1-inch (25 mm), silk-dome tweeter powered by a 35W, Class AB amplifier. It can crank out a clean 102 dB SPL, peak. Frequency response is rated at 53 Hz to 22 kHz. For a studio monitor in its size and price class, that’s impressive.

For an extended low-frequency response and a bit more muscle, step up to the Eris E8. With its 8-inch, Kevlar low-frequency transducer, driven by a 75 watt, Class AB power amplifier, it can range down to 35 Hz. Like the E5, the E8 can reach all the way to 22 kHz, thanks to a 1.25-inch (32 mm), silk-dome, high-frequency tweeter. However, the E8’s tweeter is driven by a heftier 65W, Class AB amplifier. With its extra juice, the E8 can deliver up to 105 dB SPL, peak.

Eris E5

Eris E8


  1- Balanced XLR 1- Balanced XLR
  1- Balanced ¼” TRS 1- Balanced ¼” TRS
  1- Unbalanced RCA 1- Unbalanced RCA


Frequency Response 53 Hz - 22 kHz 35 Hz - 22 kHz
Crossover Frequency 3 kHz 2.2 kHz
LF Amplifier Power 45W 75W
HF Amplifier Power 35W 65W
Peak SPL (@ 1 meter) 102 dB 105 dB
LF Driver 5.25” Kevlar®

8” Kevlar

HF Driver 1” silk dome 1.25” silk dome
Input Impedance 10 kΩ 10 kΩ

User Controls

Volume Range A-type taper A-type taper
MF Control -6, 0, +6 dB -6, 0, +6 dB
HF Control -6, 0, +6 dB -6, 0, +6 dB
Low Cut Flat, 80 Hz, 100 Hz Flat, 80 Hz, 100 Hz
Acoustic Space Flat, -2 dB, -4 dB Flat, -2 dB, -4 dB


  RF interference RF interference
  Output-current limiting Output-current limiting
  Over-temperature Over-temperature
  Turn-on/off transient Turn-on/off transient
  Subsonic filter Subsonic filter
  External mains fuse External mains fuse


  100-120V ~50/60 Hz or 220-240V ~50/60 Hz 100-120V ~50/60 Hz or 220-240V ~50/60 Hz


  Vinyl-laminated, medium-density fiberboard Vinyl-laminated, medium-density fiberboard


Width 7” (178 mm) 9.84” (250 mm)
Depth 7.68” (195 mm) 11.77” (299 mm)
Height 10.24” (260 mm) 15.12” (384 mm)
Weight 10.2 lbs (4.63 kg) 22.2 lbs (10.07 kg)