Rode INVISI10PK Discreet Translucent SkinSafe Mount For Lavalier And Smartlav+

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By Rode
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The InvisiLav is a new lavalier and smartLav microphones mount that’s designed to make hiding lavs easy while keeping clothing and fabric noise to a minimum. It comes with some pre-cut medical grade double sided tape that is safe to stick directly to skin for long periods of time.

The idea with the InvisiLav is that you can tape it directly to a piece of clothing, to your skin, on the inside of a collar or basically anywhere else to get your mics mounted in the ideal position. It’s particularly useful for mounting a Lav to somebody wearing a t-shirt where you would normally be forced to clip the Lav onto the collar and have the mic in a less than ideal spot.

There are cable management clips on either side of the InvisiLav to ensure the mic is held in tight and keeps cable noise and tension to a minimum. It holds 2 lavs or smartlavs, making it ideal for theatre or broadcast use where a redundancy is required in case one channel goes down whilst recording.

Although some pre-cut double-sided tape is supplied, we're sure everyone at some point will be asked what kind of tape to use when it runs out. In reality any strong double sided tape can be used, but we’re recommending Toupee or hair extension tape, since it is also skin safe and is designed for a similar purpose – sticking things to skin.