TC Studio And Post M350 Dual-Engine Digital Reverb And FX Processor

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TC Electronic M350 Dual-Engine Digital Reverb

M350 is an extremely user-friendly dual engine rack processor which is equally suited for live and studio applications. It gives you 15 TC-quality reverbs and 15 multi-purpose effects including delay, modulation and compression.

Effect Presets

The two effect engines of M350 hold 15 different types each. One of them is completely dedicated to reverb, while the other is versatile multi effect engine. Common to all the effects of M350 is that are a result of the award-winning TC effects heritage, founded on extensive fine-tuning and research. Combined, these effects give you all the tools you need on the stage, FOH or in the studio. 

Effect Presets

The two effect engines of M350 hold 15 different types each. One of them is completely dedicated to reverb, while the other is versatile multi effect engine. Common to all the effects of M350 is that are a result of the award-winning TC effects heritage, founded on extensive fine-tuning and research. Combined, these effects give you all the tools you need on the stage, FOH or in the studio. 


TC Classic Hall

This reverb emulates a large hall with a broad and warm reverb, and a relatively long decay time. It preserves the natural characteristics of the original source, which gives you an incomparable and authentic large sound. Very often vocal source material call for the TC Classic Hall preset, but you can use it for a wide variety of studio and live applications.

Live Vocal

The Live Vocal reverb emulates a large room or venue that has many wooden surfaces. The reflections from wooden surfaces give you a soft and smooth reverb type that is perfect for vocal material. If you need a large reverb with spongy reflections, live or in the studio, the Live Vocal preset is the answer.


Emulating a large location with hard and uneven surfaces, the Cathedral preset gives you a broad and unevenly diffused reverb. This reverb type will open and color your source with the natural ambience which is so typical of cathedrals. If you're playing live this preset will be a crowd pleaser, but it is equally great in the studio. 

Silver Plate

Going back in time, the Silver Plate emulates the large metallic plates which were used to create reverbs before digital signal processing was commonplace. This preset gives you a light and relatively diffuse reverb which will add wonders to percussive instruments that need a twist of the past.


This preset gives you a tailor-made reverb for dry source material. It clearly defines a room and focuses on the Early Reflections which will add ambience and warmth onto many types of sources, e.g. dry drum samples. 

Hall Acoustic

The Hall Acoustic preset is a broad yet slightly diffuse reverb. It simulates a large environment but adds a distinctive acoustic flavor to the source material. You can use this reverb with great effect on drums and other percussive material, but you can also use it to create an unbiased yet genuine ambience.

Drum Ambience

Going back in time to the 80's, the Drum Ambience preset simulates a small ambient room with very short reflections. This gives you a perfect reverb for all types of drums and percussive instruments that you would like to give that classic sound of the past. It can be used with great effect on studio recordings or even when you play live. 

Living Room

A small and well-furnished room with an intimate ambience is what the Living Room reverb simulates. Living rooms will absorb many reflections due to the soft materials in it, and that gives you a reverb type with few reflections that are sparingly sustained. Use it to get an intimate and to-the-point atmosphere.

Spring Vintage

Back in the day, large plates or springs were used to generate artificial reverb. In particular, springs was used a lot in old vintage guitar amps. The Spring Vintage preset simulates this type of reverb, and it will give you a distinct vintage sound that is true to the original. 

Damped Room

You can sue the Damped Room reverb with great results on source material that needs to be very lightly reverberated. The preset simulates a small studio or vocal box that is completely padded with soft and absorbing material. It gives you a very tight and to-the-point sound.

Vocal Reverb

This preset will match and refine vocal sources that need that extra something. The Vocal Reverb preset gives you a soft and mellow tone that is identical to the reflections you get from medium sized rooms with wooden surfaces. Use it to obtain a personal yet subtle and agile vocal sound.

Drum Room

The Drum Room reverb will flavor your drum and percussive source material with ease and elegance. The preset simulates a medium-sized room that gives you a relatively long yet natural sounding reverb. It preserves the full spectrum of the source while adding brilliance and presence.

Gold Plate

In the old days before digital signal processing was invented, large metallic plates were used to create reverbs. This preset emulates that unique sound which is diffuse, bright and filled with nostalgia. You can use the Gold Plate reverb with great-sounding results on percussive instruments.

Live Stage

If you're playing live, you might want a reverb that is able to cut through all the background noise which is so typical at live gigs. The Live Stage preset gives you a grainy and bright reverb that will work equally well on vocals and instruments that need to be distinct and to-the-point.


If you want a reverb that is tight and has tons of early reflections, the Nearfield reverb will be your first choice. It emulates the small amount of natural reverb that occurs in e.g. a studio control room. Use this reverb type to obtain a tight, bright and smack-in-the-face sound.

Dynamic Delay

The Dynamic Delay preset allows you to alter the delay output level depending on the dynamics of the input level. In short, you can have a low-level delay when playing loudnly and a higher level of delay when you're backing off. For instance, use it to emphasize pauses in between phrases in a solo.

Soft Delay

If you're looking for a clear yet soft reproduction of your original sound, try the Soft Delay preset. We've integrated a subtle yet significant high-cut with a relatively high crossover frequency, which will give you a soft and smooth delay. This delay will make your tracks sound very 'studio like'.

Smooth Phaser

This phaser uses twelve all-pass filters at the same time, which gives you a well-adapted and very smooth sound. Use this type of phaser when you want the typical phasing characteristics combined with a more elegant and subtle approach. In other words, a quality phaser with a sophisticated and delicate twist.

Soft Chorus

Sometimes what you need is a natural, stable and well-tempered sound. Try to use the Soft Chorus preset with eloquence on laid back styles of music like ballads, chill out and moody jazz. It will give you a sound that is true to the original source material and you'll be surprised how often it will add that extra something to your music.

Hard Comp

The Hard Comp preset is tweaked to deliver a hard yet 'nice' compression to your source. Although the preset will compress relatively hard, it won't disrupt and over-compress your source. Use this type of compression on e.g. drums and percussive instruments and achieve a signature sound.

Triplets Delay

The concept of triplets is a basic musical structure that has a great effect on our rhythmical perception, especially when played against straight 8th or 16th notes. The Triplets delay preset gives you a serious and versatile tool to rework your source material.

PingPong Delay

A PingPong delay pans the delay repeats from left to right, and back, while at the same time keeping the original position of the input. Quite simply, it gives you a very wide-spread special effect that is true crowd pleaser. Use it live or in the studio when you want a dramatic and unique sound.

Vintage Phaser

The Vintage Phaser uses four different all-pass filters that give you a direct and to-the-point sound. Depending on how the filtered signal is mixed with the dry signal, you'll get a strong and typical 'phasing sound' that is extremely versatile. Use it with equal success on the stage and in the studio.

Inst. Flanger

Our flangers are known for their perfect relation between speed and depth, and the Inst. Flanger preset is certainly no exception. This flanger gives you a classic 'flange sound' with a wide spread-effect. Use the Inst. Flanger when you want a large chorus-like sound that has all the typical and beneficial characteristics of a genuine flanger.


The De-Esser preset removes all unwanted s's that some microphones or singers have so much trouble with. Use it predominately on vocal material to clean up the sound and make the source more homogenous. A simple one-purpose effect that makes all the difference!

Studio Delay

With a clear and concise reproduction of the original source material, Studio Delay gives you a serious tool for studio work. It utilizes a subtle yet significant high-cut with a relatively high crossover frequency that enables you to achieve a transparent and precise sound.

Slapback Delay

The Slapback Delay preset is a very short delay that only counts one, two, or maybe even three repeats. Often this type of effect is used as a 'doubling effect' in order to make the original source content more dense or solid. But you can also use the Slapback Delay on funky guitar riffs for instance.

Lush Chorus

If you are into effects that will take your music up a step, the Lush Chorus preset will be one of your favorites. It gives you a broader and more complex sound that is a perfect match for the funky and jazzy music styles with plenty of solos.


Compression can be tricky and more often than not, you have probably been subject to 'over-compressing'. With the Comp preset you're on the fast track to professional and easy compression. Use it for any sources and enjoy the benefits of a professional compression without compromising your original source. 


The Tremolo preset uses a triangular wave shape, giving you an easily recognizable tremolo sound. This type of effect is a true crowd pleaser and it works on many sources, although it is probably most known from 007 style guitar solos. This Tremolo is rather soft and very useful for slow, melancholic types of music.


  • Full DAW Integration Through VST Compatible Editor
  • 15 True and Stunning Stereo Reverbs
  • 15 Legendary Effects
  • 5 Seconds of Delay
  • 256 Multi-effect/Reverb Presets + 99 User Preset Locations, a Total of 355 Presets
  • Internal Power Supply - No Wallwart !
  • Dual Send/Return & Serial Style Setups
  • Auto-sensing 24 bit S/PDIF Digital I/O, 44.1-48 kHz
  • Tap Tempo