Bose S1 Pro+ 1/4 inch Wireless Instrument Transmitter

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By Bose

Leave your cables at home and simplify your setup when you add the Bose S1 Pro+ 1/4 inch RF transmitter for your instrument to your Bose S1 Pro+ set up. It's a standard 1/4 inch connection, so just plug it in to your guitar and the accessory pairs effortlessly to your S1 Pro+ speaker. 

The 2.4GHz transmitter gives you a reliable wireless connection of up to 30 feet (about 10m) with an easy on/off switch and mute button included. 

The transmitter will charge straight off your Bose S1 Pro Plus or via a USB-C cable. The transmitter hosts a continuous run time of four hours (and you can always charge it straight of the speaker between sets). 

**Please note this product is only compatible with the Bose S1 Pro+ series of speaker, and not with the previous generation Bose S1 Pro**