SPL 2CONTROL Monitor Controller With Headphone Amp

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The 2Control is an excellent sounding compact monitor controller. The Crossfeed makes the playback headphones sound as being played back on speakers. Your mixes on headphone translate better to speaker playback. The 2Control combines loudspeaker and headphone monitoring in a compact, user-friendly and high quality control device. Control near-field and full-range monitors as well as headphone monitoring for two listeners in one central device.

The 2Control allows for connection of two sources, two stereo speaker sets and two headphones. Each of the three speaker outputs (2 stereo sets, 1 x mono speaker) is driven by its own balancing stage. Each headphone output is supplied by a separate amplifier to allow for completely independent operation of two headphones.

A majority of D/A converters and sound cards do not provide analog monitoring level control. Instead they lower the bit rate, which leads to a loss of audio quality. The advantages of an analog monitoring controller become especially apparent in combination with modern audio and video production tools such as ProTools™, Nuendo™, Cubase™, Logic™, Deck™, etc. Monitor levels and source management can be handled independently of the software and with virtually no loss in quality. In addition, you won’t have to worry about over or underdriving the converters when changing monitor levels.

Volume is controlled with a high-quality potentiometer (ALPS RK27 "Big Blue") and active electronics. In contrast to passive circuits, the 2Control’s active design does not influence impedances when levels change. Altering impedances would again have negative effects on the frequency response, so the 2Control’s active design guarantees linearity.

A new feature of the 2Control is the Crossfeed control for both headphone outputs, which was derived from the high-end headphone amplifier Phonitor. Headphones have the disadvantage of producing a super stereo image. The Crossfeed control corrects the stereo panorama. Based upon the imaging of a speaker positioned on angle of 30 degrees, the crossfeed can be adjusted in a way to mirror the stereo imaging of the speakers. Whenever speaker monitoring may not be possible or if a monitoring alternative to speakers is required, the 2Control allows for accurate mixes on headphones.

Key Features

  • Premium compact monitor controller
  • Control near-field and full-range monitors and headphones for 2 listeners in one device
  • Allows for connection of 2 sources - 2 stereo speaker sets and 2 headphones
  • 3x speaker outputs (2x stereo sets, 1x mono speaker)
  • Each output is driven by it's own balancing stage
  • Volume is controlled with active electronics
  • Crossfeed control corrects the stereo image of headphones - mirroring that of a monitor setup


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