Palmer RIVER ilm Passive Speaker Simulation DI-Box

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By Palmer

The Palmer ilm offers three analog guitar speaker simulation settings, which represent typical guitar speaker models. We'll leave the flowery names to the others; on the Palmer ilm , they are called "normal", "mellow" and "bright".

Generally, the Palmer ilm is looped in between the guitar amp output and guitar speaker; but it can also be operated on the amplifier's line out. For input-level adjustment, the ilm has a pad switch with three settings: 0, -15 and -30 dB.

The output of the Palmer ilm is balanced and transformer isolated which means there is no interference or ground loop hum when connecting it to a mixing console or audio interface. With the Palmer ilm, you can always rely on what really matters: Your music, your instrument and your sound.

You've found your perfect amp sound, but somehow it sounds different on every stage?

The Palmer ilm speaker simulation DI box removes all the uncertainties of amp micing such as microphone choice, acoustic environment and positioning. With a sophisticated filter switch simulating the sound behavior of a real guitar speaker, it captures your authentic sound, even without a microphone. Its direct signal always sounds the same, whether at home, in the (home) studio, during rehearsals, or on stage, whatever the room size.

  • Analog Speaker simulation for authentic guitar sound without mic
  • Three sound settings: normal, mellow, bright
  • Can be used as DI box with speaker simulation bypassed
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Operation either between amplifier output and speaker or on the line output
  • Switchable pre-attenuation for adjustment to amp levels
  • No humming: galvanic transformer isolation
  • Ground lift switch
  • Simple and fail-safe, no power supply required
  • Solid casing made of aluminium and steel
  • Incl. rewritable tour label for attachment onto the back of the ilm
  • Engineered in Germany
Product type Speaker Simulation DI-Box
Type passive
Channels 1
Transformer isolated Yes
Inputs 1
Input type unbalanced
Input connectors 6.3 mm jack
Outputs 1
Output type balanced
Output connectors XLR
THRU outputs per channel 1
Ground lift switch Yes
More features Tone: Bypass, Normal, Bright, Mellow
Housing material Aluminium continuous casting
Height 140 mm
Width 50 mm
Depth 68 mm
Ambient temperature (in operation) - 20 - 70 °C
Relative Humidity < 80 %, not condensing
Accessories (included) Inscription label (tour label), rubber feet
Weight 0,445 kg