Shure SM7dB Vocal Microphone with Built-In Preamp

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By Shure

The iconic SM7dB has the same sound you’ve loved for years, but with the convenience of a Shure-designed built-in preamp providing all the gain you’ll ever need. The latest iteration of this legendary dynamic microphone will work with any XLR interface, making it easier for podcasters, streamers and musicians to get perfect vocals from every recording setup. Plug and go! 

Legendary Sound
The SM7dB delivers the familiar warm tone adored by broadcasters, vocalists and content creators alike. Shure engineers have painstakingly ensured that it has the same sound signature as the original SM7B.

Built-in Preamp
The SM7dB has a preamp custom designed by Shure inside, giving it enough output to work with any XLR interface.

Providing up to +28 dB of low-noise, flat, transparent gain, the onboard preamp preserves the mic’s frequency response
for a clean, classic sound. All you need is an interface or mixer offering +48V phantom power to operate the preamp.

Gain Level
Choose between a boost of +18dB or +28dB from the preamp. Miking loud sound sources like a guitar cab or snare drum? Use +18dB or bypass the preamp for the original SM7B output level. Podcasting or recording quiet vocals? Select the full built-in boost of +28dB.

Bypass Switch
A convenient bypass mode allows you to forego the built-in preamp in case you prefer to feed the mic’s unboosted signal into your professional console or interface. The microphone will retain its great audio traits. Bypassing the preamp reverts the SM7dB to original SM7B performance.

Wide Frequency Response
Whether you’ve activated the preamp or not, you’ll get the same great detail in your recordings from a proven dynamic cartridge and frequency range of 50 to 20,000Hz. Hear all the highs and lows for truly natural sounding audio.

Cardioid Polar Pattern
Excellent rear-rejection and textbook cardioid pick-up pattern isolates your voice from any background noise, allowing the SM7dB to capture warm, crisp audio in any environment. Ideal for less-than-ideal podcasting or streaming spaces.

Low Cut & Presence Boost Filters
Just like the SM7B, the SM7dB offers multiple sound signatures using switches on the back of the microphone to suit any type of voice or instrument. Find your ideal tone by cutting the lows or boosting the presence.

Unclutter Your Audio Chain
The SM7dB frees you from clunky in-line preamps and other accessories, while ensuring you get that classic SM7 tone no matter where you’re recording. One less thing to worry about while you’re traveling!