RCF ART910AX 10" 2100W Active Speaker Bluetooth w/ Mixer

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 The RCF ART 910-AX is a feature packed, high flexible, easy to use powered speaker featuring Bluetooth connectivity, and a 6-channel digital mixer. This versatile 2100W powered speaker is perfect for musicians, singer/songwriters, DJ's, houses of worship and other sound providers. The user interface features a built-in touch panel and Bluetooth remote control, allowing you to set up and mix wirelessly using your portable device (iOS and Android).  

The ART 910-AX employs True Resistive Waveguide technology, which incorporates several refinements of the transducers and the vented port design to create a resonance-free signal that reduces high-frequency distortion. The speaker also utilizes Bass Motion Control (BMC), which bypasses the need for a high-pass filter and instead uses an advanced woofer excursion management feature that can handle the lowest audible frequencies without affecting the woofer stability, with extended linearity and better sound integrity. The highly efficient 2100W Class-D bi-amplifier delivers 1400W to the 10" woofer and 700W to the 1.75" compression driver, which provide full-range audio (50 Hz to 20 kHz) with a sound pressure level powerful enough to ensure the entire audience can hear your performance.

Connect your instruments and microphones to the 48V powered preamps or the line inputs; an internal 6-channel digital mixer with Compressors, EQs, Reverb, and Ducker will help you get the job done. And if you run out of time, use the quick setup modes with step-by-step configuration options.

The Class 1 Bluetooth connection can receive 2-channel audio streaming and provides a stereo or dual mono output for pairing with AX-featured RCF speakers. RCF tested over 100m free-field operability. Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth connection when you have architectural constraints, pedestrian areas, or inaccessible signal connections.

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  • Bluetooth Stereo Audio Input
  • Built-In 6-Channel Digital Mixer 
  • Advanced UI with Touch Panel & Remote
  • FiRPHASE Filters for Coherent Sound
  • Bass Motion Control Low-Freq Management
  • 10" Woofer + 1.75" Compression Driver
  • 50 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • 130 dB Max SPL Output
  • True Resistive Waveguide Technology
  • Configurations for Floor, Stage & Flown