Rode WIPRO Wireless Pro Dual Channel Wireless System

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By Rode

The Wireless PRO is the most powerful compact microphone system ever, packed full of professional features that offer ultimate flexibility when recording pristine audio for your content. It offers a range of innovative features for ensuring the best audio quality possible, including intelligent GainAssist technology and 32-bit float on-board recording with over 40 hours of internal memory. RØDE’s state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission delivers best-in-class range, with broadcast-grade in-built microphones for crystal-clear audio capture.

It is universally compatible with cameras, phones and computers, and offers professional features like advanced timecode sync, a locking lavalier connector, a dedicated button for triggering recording, auto- power on/off, and a TRRS jack on the receiver for headphone monitoring for unmatched flexibility. It also comes with a complete accessory kit, including a pair of lavalier microphones, a rugged charging case, furry windshields, magnetic mounting clips, and cables for connecting to all your devices.

  • Dual-channel compact wireless microphone system

  • RØDE’s state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption for crystal-clear, incredibly stable audio with best- in-class range

  • Universal compatibility with cameras, smartphones and computers

  • 32-bit float on-board recording allows for the recovery of clipped or quiet audio files

  • Advanced timecode capability for quick-and-easy audio sync in post- production

  • Intelligent GainAssist technology, flexible output gain control and safety channel for ensuring pristine audio when recording direct to camera

• 32GB of storage on each transmitter for over 40 hours of backup recordings

• Locking 3.5mm TRS connectors for complete security

• Headphone monitoring with on- board level control

• Plug-in power detect for extended battery life

• Complete accessory kit, including smart charging case, two Lavalier II microphones, cables, MagClip GO magnetic mounting clips and accessory case

• Easy configuration on a computer or smartphone via RØDE Central

• Designed and made in RØDE’s precision facilities in Sydney, Australia