Behringer X32 Rack Digital Rack Mixer Rack Mounted 40 Input 25 Bus With 16 Midas-Designed Preamps

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The Behringer X32 RACK gives you a 40-Input channel, 25-bus digital rack mixer. Featuring 16 programmable MIDAS preamps, firewire/USB audio interface, and iOS remote control.

So use it as a top-notch recording interface today, control a complex theatre production tomorrow, or sit it securely in your side-rack. All while mixing your band’s club gig directly from your iPad. With the X32 RACK, you’ve got a revolutionary new product genre that combines powerful I/O with digital connectivity. Offering ample processing for 40 channels, 25 buses, and up to 152 signal sources.

Adjust every parameter of your mix directly on the X32 RACK with its 800 x 480 graphic UI. While the network remote control gives you a host of new possibilities. Whether you use the XControl app for PC/Mac, XiControl app for iPad, or XiQ app for iPhone; you can control your Behringer X32 RACK from the place most suitable for you.

Onboard the Behringer X32 RACK is 16 MIDAS designed microphone preamps. While the dual AES50 ports enable support for up to 6 S16 digital snakes; giving you massive I/O connectivity. Couple the 8 powerful stereo FX engines with flexible routing options and the X32 RACK becomes your ideal choice for handling audio.

Finally, TRACKTION 4 puts the fun back into your creative process. Free with your X32 Rack, this easy-to-use software puts everything you’ll need on your desktop. Allowing you to drag, drop, copy, paste and easily record an unlimited amount of tracks. Then, share it with your fellow Tracktioneers for them to listen, collaborate and edit!

Overall, the Behringer X32 RACK features the same world-class processors as the popular X32 Digital Mixer. All fitted into a compact, and rack-mountable case.