Earthworks DM6 SeisMic Kick Drum Microphone

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The Earthworks DM6 is absolutely unfair to all other mics on kick drum and bass amps

Built for the road, the DM6 SeisMic’s rugged stainless-steel body also ships with a versatile Triad-Orbit M2R ball mount that makes placements a snap. Thanks to its tailored response, the DM6 SeisMic sounds great right out of the box, delivering just what you need — attack and punch; power and speed, with thundering lows and beater detail — without fussing over EQ.


  • Type: Condenser
  • Pattern: Supercardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20k Hz
  • Sensitivity (1kHz): -60 dBV/Pa (1mV/Pa)
  • Peak Acoustic Input: 150 dB SPL
  • Minimum Load Impedance: 1k Ohm

"This is the best single kick drum mic sound I’ve heard.” — Kevin Madigan, Front of House Engineer for Santana and Mix Engineer for Larrabee Studios


"Open, detailed and lovingly accepting of any creative eq you apply.” — Josh Holliday, Director of Production for Drumeo


“We tested the DM6 against 6 other industry standard mics and the DM6 easily outperformed them all with class. It was such a big difference that my engineer told me to stop replying to emails and run away with the mic so he didn’t have to do anymore sessions without it.” — Casey Cooper, Content Creator for COOP3RDRUMM3R


“The sound is phenomenal. We had it paired with a B91 but we ended up not needing it because the new mic did all the things we needed from an inner and outer mic. It ended up sounding better with just the single element.” — Ben Keys, Mixer and Senior Audio Designer for Theme Parks.


"The dynamics and great transient of DM6 are spectacular. It sounds very good, the size is very practical and has a powerful sound.” — German Tarazona, Front of House Engineer for Maluma


"I love it, it makes my job so much easier. The most open sounding kick mic I have used!” — Tony Interlande, Media and Audio Production for Drum Center of Portsmouth


"Definitely a nice surprise when listening back for the first time.” — Brandon Toews, Content Director for Drumeo


"The DM6 is amazing. Even with no EQ — it blows everything else we compared it to out the water. It’s a night and day difference.” — Tone Stephens, Brand Ambassador for Tone Tailors


“This is the Kick drum mic I’ve always wanted!” — Steve McGuire, Front of House Engineer for The Cult


"What I liked about the DM6 was the fact that it has a plug it in and go vibe! Powerful low end, great detail and punch. Everything you need when you’re mic’ing up your bass drum either in the studio or live." — Omar Hakim, Legendary Session Drummer