Glorious Sound Desk Compact Walnut Studio Workstation

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With the Glorious Sound Desk Compact, even producers with limited space can enjoy all the benefits of a professional studio workstation. Although compact, the Sound Desk Pro’s little brother doesn’t skimp on functionality, design or stability. Available in Black, White or walnut. Walnut pictured. 

The cleverly designed studio workstation provides space for studio monitors at ear level and a screen at eye level. Directly below, on two 3U racks, there’s space for 19” outboard equipment, so that nothing interferes with the creative process.

It’s small, but spacious

In spite of its small size, the studio workstation can easily accommodate a laptop, audio interface or synthesiser. Ergonomic working The work surface hides a pull-out keyboard tray large enough to hold keyboards with up to 61 keys or similar peripherals. The keyboard tray can be installed at six different heights to make producing as ergonomic as possible.

Clever details

The studio workstation has multiple cable ducts, allowing it to be set up as a free-standing piece or flat against a wall. A cable channel built into the work surface facilitates centralised cable routing for a cleaner and tidier workspace.

Designed for stability

The Sound Desk Compact’s X-shaped design and additional bracing make it remarkably stable. The stylish wood finish emphasises the studio workstation’s high quality.

  • Offers enough space to set up laptop/computer, screen, studio monitors, audio interface, 19″ rack-mount equipment, MIDI controllers, synths and a master keyboard
  • Two integrated 3U racks for 19” equipment
  • Pull-out drawer for Keyboards with up to 61 Keys
  • Keyboard-tray adjustable in 6 height positions
  • Various ducts for cable routing on top, interior and ground
  • Interior cable duct for multiple sockets, accessible from front and rear
  • Can be placed either free-standing or flush with the wall
  • Cable recess for wall installation at screen height
  • Stable build with additional struts
  • High torsional stiffness thanks to X-shaped design
  • Easy assembly in just a few steps
  • Comes flat-packed in one packaging
  • Available in: black, white or walnut
  • Does not come with pictured accessories