Gravity MAPOP1 Pop Filter With VariArm

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To make sure your pop filter successfully filters undesired pop noises and clipping, you need to be able to position it perfectly in front of your mouth. This is simple with the Gravity MA POP 1 pop filter, with its large screen diameter, double nylon mesh and VARI®-ARM.

The VARI®-ARM allows you to position the pop filter precisely where it will work best, and then fix into position so that it won't shift.

All joints can be moved using only one single adjustment screw. Once the desired position has been achieved, you simply tighten the screw to fix the whole VARI®-ARM. This way, your pop filter won't slip out of position while you're sitting at your desk creating a podcast or standing in the studio booth recording vocals.

The solid clamp fits on any microphone stand, on the edge of a table or any other surface you want to attach it within the clamping range of 15 mm to 35 mm.

Product type Microphone Accessories
Type Pop filter
Material Vari-Arm Steel
Color Black
Mounting Microphone Stand, Tabletop
Screen diameter 157 mm
Setup Double nylon screen, plastic frame
Fits tube diameters up to 15 mm to 35 mm
Weight 0,504 kg