Hosa LTE-519XLR LED Console Lamp XLR3M 18 Inch

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By Hosa

The LTE-519XLR from Hosa Technology is an XLR3M 18" gooseneck LED console lamp designed to provide accurate work lighting at consoles and gear racks for engineers, technicians, musicians, and DJs in touring rigs, concert venues, mobile setups, and recording studios. It works with any 3-pin XLR light socket that supplies 12 VDC, and is compliant with international lighting and energy regulations.

The flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust the lamp’s position to illuminate your current work space. Its six long-lasting LEDs (four white and two red) deliver reliable color accuracy. High-efficiency and low power consumption yield increased light while maintaining modest operating temperatures, allowing you to disregard the worry that you might burn your fingers.

  • Includes four white and two red LEDs that deliver warm diffused light and reduce eyestrain
  • Durable, long-lasting LEDs for longer usage
  • High-efficiency and low-power-consumption design emits more light while using less energy
  • Lamp remains cool so you can easily adjust the flexible neck without burning your fingertips
  • Complies with international lighting and energy regulations