L-Acoustics LA4X 4 Channel Amplifier Controller

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Self-Powered... Out of the Box

The LA4X is an amplified controller based on a 4-input by 4-output architecture and an exclusive green power module providing maximised efficiency.

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With LA4X, L-ACOUSTICS® speakers can get all the benefits of self-powered speaker, while keeping the versatility of the separated amplification approach. The L-ACCOUSTICS systems can be operated in thee connectivity modes as described below:

"A la carte"

The pool of four inputs and four amplification channels of the LA4x can be allocated "à la carte" to any passive speaker enclosures with a 1 to 1 link. This approach is cost effective for applications requiring a high count of independent sound sources such as stage monitors, multi-channel system and multi-feed distributed systems.

"Fully Active"

In high-end installation projects, the LA4X can drive active systems up to K2, for maximum power headroom and the best possible performances. With one transducer section per output channel and the independent DSP treatment of each loudspeaker enclosure, this approach brings maximum discretization with a one-to-one-to-one link, from input-to-processing-to-enclosure.


For applications requiring a high count of loudspeaker enclosures with oprimized cost of amplification, the LA4X can efficiently operate as a conventional amplified controller driving speakers in parallel from its four amplification channels, with the added benefit of the 4 inputs when using passive loudspeaker enclosures.

Green Power

LA4X is a "green" amplified controller that relies on a universal switch mode power supply suitable for mains from 90V to 265V. The SMPS features a Power Factor Correction (PFC) which maximises the amplifier efficience and takes advantage of nearly 100% of the electrical power available with a very high tolerance to unstable mains. The PFC allows the LA4X to deliver as much power from a 10A line as from a 16A line on a conventional amp. This represents a reduction of the electrical power requirements (cable gaue. power conditioning. etc...) for substantial savings. The Class D amplification circuits ensure the LA4x energy-efficiency for minimal heat dissipation. LA4X delivers 4x1000W RMS power at 8O or 4O with record hold times. Besides the high raw RMS power rating at 8O, the ability to deliver energy (power x hold time) yields the best eprformance from loudspeakers systems, especially in LF reproduction.

I/O and DSP

The LA4X inputs are available in analogue or digital format. Four cascaded 24-bit A/D converters from 44.1kHz to 192 kHz. Automative fallback functions make the creation of redundant audio paths possible. Propreitary algorithms are processed in 32-bit floating point DSP engine at a 96kHz sampling rate. A dedicated enginerring approach to combining IIR and FIR filters generate perfectly linearized phase curves and significantly improved impulse responses for an even, more natural, transparent, and realistic sound experience. Room tuning and system EQ can be achieved without external process. The amplified controller can act both as and EQ station and a delay line, offering on each channel up to 1000ms of delay, a pool of 8 IIR and 3 FIR filters and the air absorbtion compensation filter. The L-Drive protection system carries out a dual analysis of signal level in real-time and RMS. When transducers operate in the non-linear domain, either at high excursion or high temperature, L-DRIVE acts as an intelligent power regulator to preserve the durability of the components, while maintaining the highest dynamic range. As a result the amount of power delivered at any channel is adjusted to the dynamic and thermal capacity of each individual transducer. With a complete preset library and the possibility of creating additional user presets, the engineer is offered access to all the L-ACOUSTICS loudspeaker system configurations at their fingertips.

User Interface

The front panel user interface features extremely fast access to editing the 4 input and 4 output settings. The encoder wheel gives instant access to the user menus and the 2x24 character screen offers real-time visuaisation of the system parameters. Command access includes routing, mute, gain, preset selection, plus delay and polarity settings. Navigation through the menu pages is fast and intuitive. Besides the standard on-board preset library, the engineer can design and store their own settings (initialized from a standard preset template) in one of the ten available user locations.

  • Loudspeaker amplification, 96 kHz/32 bit DSP, Ethernet network
  • 4 channel class D amplification fed by 4 inputs (analogue or AES/EBU) 
  • Green SMPS power supply with PFC
  • 4 x 1000 W power at 8 or 4 ohms for 200 ms
  • EQ station with 11 EQ (IIR/FIR) filters and 1000 ms delay per output
  • Air absorption compensation filter
  • Exclusive L-DRIVE system protection
  • Comprehensive L-ACOUSTICS preset library
  • 5 s start-up time
  • LA NETWORK MANAGER 2 software for remote control & monitoring