Lindy 41556 Thunderbolt 3 Cable Black 1m

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By Lindy

The LINDY Thunderbolt 3 cable provides the ability to connect up to 6 devices to your Thunderbolt 3 Port when daisy-chained, while utilising the USB Type C connection for ease of use. Combine this with Data, Power and Video this truly is the single cable solution.

Fast Data transfer of up to 20Gbps from a single connection, twice that of previous Thunderbolt 2. Combined with PCI Express Gen 3 and DisplayPort 1.2 the application list is huge. An example would be using an external GPU dock for your notebook providing high end gaming graphics from a light portable computer.

4K Video
Thunderbolt 3 technology allows the use of two external displays up to 4K60Hz each whist also simultaneously providing other features like high speed data and power.

Power Delivery
By incorporating technology based on USB PD this allows Thunderbolt cables to provide up to 100W of power over the single connection. Legacy devices can also take advantage of up to 15W of power.

USB Type C
The cable uses a fully reversible connector for attaching to your device quickly. The Thunderbolt host port uses an integrated USB 3.1 controller for maximum backwards compatibility at 10Gbps speeds.

Support for up to 6 external devices including GPU docks, Storage Enclosures and Docking Stations.

Thunderbolt Networking
Provides a 10Gbps Ethernet link between devices Single Cable Docking Combine two external displays, power delivery, Ethernet and USB connectivity this provides the ultimate single cable docking solution.

** The above features are reliant on your device, not all features are supported by every device.

  • One connection to provide Data, 4K Video, USB 3.1 and Power
  • Utilises the reversible USB Type C connector
  • Provides up to 20Gbps data transfer rates
  • Supports PCI Express Gen 3 and DisplayPort 1.2
  • 10 Year Warranty