LSC APS 12 Channel X 10A Advanced Power Distribution Rack 3RU Fitted With 12 X 10A GPO

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Alternative configurations are available on request, please contact us for more information.

Powering a large number of LED screen panels, audio amplifiers or moving lights can be problematic. The APS delivers an elegant solution by sequentially switching the outputs and controlling large inrush currents, earth leakages and overloads.

Each individual circuit can be sequentially soft-started with a user-programmed delay, eliminating the large inrush and earth leakage currents associated with the sudden start-up of a large array of equipment. Likewise, multiple APS units can be cascaded so that the next sequenced unit will not start its automatic start-up sequence until the previous unit has finished.

Nuisance circuit breaker tripping, generally caused by large inrush start-up currents and excessive earth leakage, is overcome by the APS by switching on the relay as the mains voltage passes through the zero point of the sine wave, thus providing a pseudo soft-start.

When a DMX signal level is detected, the APS will commence start-up procedure, regardless of actual DMX levels. When the DMX signal ceases, the APS will commence shut-down after a user-programmed time. Great feature for venues where someone forgets to shut down the power when closing for the night.

Programmable input supply overvoltage and undervoltage trips for each phase to protect loads against out-of-spec mains and the possibility of dropped Neutrals; Neutral disconnect MCBs (RCBOs) with inbuilt 30Ma RCD to meet the highest level of safety and electrical compliance.

In addition to the front panel set-up for stand-alone mode, the APS can be remotely controlled via DMX512 signals, GPI voltage free contact closure for remote triggering and Remote Device Management (RDM) to switch units off and on.


  • Automatic control via DMX512. The presence of DMX sequentially turns outputs on and
  • loss of DMX turns outputs off after a pre-set time delay
  • Remote GPI contact closure (if DMX is not used) sequentially turns outputs on and open contact turns outputs off after a pre-set time delay
  • Remote On/Off switching of individual output circuits via DMX512
  • “Stand Alone” mode for automatic On/Off of output circuits whenever input power is present
  • Manual override (On/Off of output circuits) via front panel press screen (with user lock out)
  • Control via RDM
  • Control and monitoring via Houston X
  • RCBO (Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent) output channel circuit breakers protect against current overload AND earth leakage faults. Also known as RCD (Residual Current Device) or GFI (Ground Fault Indicator)
  • RCBO output channel circuit breakers also provide Neutral Disconnect function
  • Staggered switch on of outputs (with adjustable delay) to prevent start-up surge overloading of the power supply feed
  • Multiple APS units can be configured to start up in sequence
  • Cascading start-up for individual units via XLR5 cabling and/or based on unit number
  • Input voltage monitoring (RMS) per phase with over voltage switch off
  • Input current monitoring (RMS) per phase
  • Dropped neutral protection with almost instant load disconnect
  • Input mains frequency monitoring
  • Programmable over-voltage and under-voltage trips to protect loads. Voltage and current reporting via RDM