LSC MDRR Splitter 5-Way 19" Rack Mount With 5-Pin XLR Input And Output Connectors

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LSC MDRR MDR Splitter 5way Rack Mount

MDR DMX 5-way Splitter, 19” Rack Mount with 5-pin I/O AXR connectors with inbuilt power supply and IEC power cord

The MDR range of splitters are DMX512A (BSR E1-11) compatible data splitters available in a 19” rack mount model or in a compact portable model. These splitters are the world's first field upgradeable splitters to offer RDM functionality and wireless as options.
The MDR range can be purchased with or without RDM functionality installed. If purchased without RDM it can be installed at any time in the future, using just a screwdriver.

The same applies to wireless DMX. Purchase the MDR now with the wireless option factory fitted, or save money now, safe in the knowledge that it can be easily retro-fitted in the future.
The two current popular manufacturers of Wireless DMX, namely Wireless Solutions' W-DMX and City Theatrical's SHoW DMX, are available as options.
Fitting wireless means that the MDR can operate getting its DMX without a cable connection. An added benefit of wireless is that it can also be used as a backup feature when you need redundancy. Connect your DMX cable to the MDR and also send your DMX signal via wireless. Should the DMX cable break or become faulty, the wireless will take over seamlessly. Ideal for those splitters buried in the truss (somewhere). Alternatively connect the backup console to the wireless transmitter and the MDR will automatically switch to the backup console if the main console stops transmitting DMX.

All MDR units offer an inbuilt DMX termination switch and a choice of 5-pin or 3-pin XLR style input and output connectors. A pass through connector allows multiple units to be connected together to create a greater number of isolated outputs. A dedicated 10-way rack mount permanent installation model is also available with Ethercon RJ45 input and output connectors.

The portable model offers truss mounting capabilities either via velcro straps or the separately available hook-clamp adaptor. Ideal for those situations where cable simplification is necessary, the truss mount unit is designed to be mounted into a truss.

The fully isolated DMX outputs ensure that no matter which vintage DMX products you have, you will not have any earth loop problems.