LSC NXST Nexus Truss Mount 5 Port DMX/Ethernet Converter

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LSC Nexus 5 port DMX/ethernet converter

The NEXUS range is the latest addition to LSC's Data Distribution products and offers conversion between DMX512 signals and Ethernet and currently supports both the Artnet and Streaming ACN (SACN) protocols.

Much more than your standard converter, the NEXUS range of both 1 and 5 port interfaces allows the user many other options such as a protocol conversion tool for today’s demanding shows.

Using the free NexLan software, any NEXUS DMX port can be configured to operate in a number of modes such as:

  • Standard DMX512 output from a selected Artnet or SACN Universe
  • HTP merge of two selected Artnet or SACN Universes.
  • LTP merge of two selected Artnet or SACN Universes.
  • Select two universes and merge individual slots using HTP or LTP. Softpatching is also possible.
  • Assigned to a Primary and a Secondary Universe. Autoswitches from Primary to Secondary on loss of the Primary Universe.
  • Resend - any merged port can be resent as a new Artnet/SACN Universe.
  • DMX input - send a standard DMX port to an Artnet/SACN Universe.
  • DMX Backup - a normal input that is only sent if the selected Universe is not present.

This flexibility of configuration permits some very useful functionality such as:

  • A simple ArtNet/SACN to DMX512 converter.
  • Back-up switch for multiple Lighting Controllers.
  • a DMX512 to ArtNet/SACN converter.
  • DMX512 Splitter.
  • DMX512 Backup.
  • an ArtNet Backup.


Single port version

  • One Ethernet port using a Neutrik Ethercon connector.
  • One data input / output suitable for DMX512A compatible protocols.
  • Supports Artnet and Streaming ACN protocols.
  • Small versatile hand-sized package.
  • Powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet).
  • Keyhole slot for mounting.

Five port versions (common features)

  • Two Ethernet Ports via Neutrik Ethercon connectors.
  • Second Ethernet port can be used as a hub or as a redundant feed.
  • Five data inputs / outputs suitable for DMX512A compatible protocols.
  • Supports Artnet and Streaming ACN protocols.
  • Output XLR connector options of 5 pin or 3pin.
  • Internal 85-265v AC 45-65Hz universal power supply with CE, Ctick and UL approval.
  • Fully opto/earth-isolated input & individually opto/earth isolated outputs.
  • LED indicators for DMX, Power, DMX Termination and DMX/RDM data activity.
  • Output circuits are EMI filtered and current limited to protect against short circuits.
  • Full 2 year factory warranty.


Rack-mount version

  • Sturdy 19" 1RU rack-mount folded metal case.

Truss version

  • Optional Hook Clamp adapter.
  • Safety Wire attachment point.
  • Lightweight, high strength moulded plastic case.