Luminex - LMXNOD010 - LumiNode 1

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LuimNode 1 is a must have tool for every lighting professional. The only Gigabit network dongle with integrated node functionality providing advanced merging and routing of lighting data, RDM communications and DMX/RDM connectivity.

With its unique USB to Ethernet feature, LumiNode 1 functions as an Ethernet dongle enabling you to have a fully functional ethernet port when connected to your laptop/PC. LumiNode 1 works with any network-based lighting control software without the need to install additional drivers.

1 port node

LumiNode 1 can also be used as a one-port PoE powered, stand-alone node to serve either one bi-directional, fully isolated DMX port or 2 network process engines to route protocols around, test, parameterize and take over light kits even with RDM, without consoles or other complex systems. All relevant industry standard protocols such as Art-Net, sACN, KiNET, RTTRpl (Blacktrax) are supported and can be processed and converted by the 2 onboard process engines supporting HTP, LTP, Crossfade, Backup, Switch and Custom merging modes with soft patch functionality.

Industry protocols

All relevant industry-standard protocols such as Art-Net, sACN, KiNET, RTTrPL (Blacktrax) are supported.

Intuitive UI

The built-in web UI delivers a great user experience.

Process engines can be easily configured in a very intuitive workflow. Just decide what you like to do with your lighting data by choosing the mode of the process engine.

Depending on the chosen merging/routing policy of the engine, the UI presents all possible input configurations. From here you just connect your input streams and your output connections.

Everything can be easily stored and recalled into profiles for later usage.

Advanced networking

Use the full capacity of the Gigabit connectivity by sending different data in a different Group (VLAN). Setup a separate interface for IT monitoring without interfering with critical lighting data.

The known Group (VLAN) technology from GigaCore switches is also available in the LumiNode product family. This allows you to freely assign a different Group (VLAN) to the different network connectors and to the node’s interfaces.

ISL (Inter Switch Link) and custom trunks are available to transfer different VLANs on one ethernet connection.

Play & contact closure

Play allows you to record snapshots of all your output streams in a show as a cue list with fade times. This show can later be used as an input source of a process engine.

The external contact closure can be configured as a trigger on the network and be used as any other trigger source to control the playback of the recorded queue list.

Integration with web API

LumiNode features a fully documented web API, making the unit ideal for integration and automation in installation projects.

All configuration or manipulation (like recalling profiles, configuring engines, triggering play,…) can be done via web API (REST/JSON). Offering the maximum flexibility to integrate with any other hardware or software to control your infrastructure.