MA Lighting GrandMA3 onPC 2 Port Node DIN-Rail 2k Controller

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Are you looking for a DMX node in your theater, TV studio, house of worship or other installation? The grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes DIN-Rail are the perfect solution for you! The nodes fulfill two different tasks: They convert Ethernet data to DMX and they can add parameters to your grandMA3 onPC system.

The optimized DIN-Rail housing allows you an easy and timesaving mounting in your installation rack. A big advantage: you can power the node completely via PoE (Power over Ethernet). So you do not need any additional power cabling!

The grandMA3 onPC 2Port Node DIN-Rail 2k offers you two DMX outputs as 3pin PCB connectors, and it enables 2 048 parameters directly - so it is the perfect partner product to increase the parameter count of a grandMA3 onPC command wing!

A few more facts? All grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes can handle MA-Net3, MA-Net2, sACN and Art-Net data. They are fully RDM compliant and have a 3.9" color display on the front for easy configuration and status overview.

The configuration of your nodes can be easily done via the grandMA3 onPC software. And do not forget - the grandMA3 onPC software offers the same features as the larger consoles. So you get a small, compact and affordable control system without compromising on features for your show!