Palmer RIVER Peene Passive 2-Channel Line Splitter

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By Palmer
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Do you want to send a line signal - stereo or dual mono - to multiple devices, without interference such as hum? Then the Palmer peene line splitter box is the right tool for you. It works on a purely passive basis with large isolation transformers, which can even handle high-level signals without distortion. So, for instance, you can send the stereo output signal from the mixer to several power amps, without any ground loops. The Palmer peene also includes a ground-lift switch. In addition to the two transformer-isolated outputs, the peene also directs the input signal on directly via a link out.

The Palmer peene is everything you need to distribute line signals to several devices and is a reliable audio tool with ultra-simple handling and professional sound characteristics.

  • Distributes two input signals to two outputs each + link outs
  • For line signals
  • Galvanic isolation of outputs by transformers
  • Switchable ground lift to isolate ground loop hum
  • Neutral sound
  • High headroom (+20 dBu max. input level)
  • Passive construction, no power supply required
  • Extremely fail-safe
  • Solid casing made of aluminium and steel
  • Incl. rewritable tour label for attachment onto the back of the peene
  • Engineered in Germany
Product type Line Splitter
Channels 2
Type passive
Transformer isolated Yes
Inputs 2
input type balanced
Input connectors XLR
Outputs 4
Output type balanced
Output connectors XLR
THRU outputs per channel 1
Ground lift switch Yes
Housing Aluminium continuous casting
Dimension (H/W/D) 140 x 50 x 128 mm
Weight 0,805 kg
Ambient temperature during operation -20 - 70 °C
Relative Humidity < 80 %, not condensing
Accessories (included) Inscription label (tour label), rubber feet