PreSonus Audiobox GO Ultra-Compact Mobile 2X2 USB-C Audio Interface

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The Presonus Audio Box Go is a highly portable and affordable interface solution - perfect for singers, musicians, or podcasters recording both at home or on the go. The AudioBox GO is a USB Type-C audio interface offering a clean Class-A mic preamp with optional phantom power, a 1/4" input in a simple, bus-powered, travel friendly format. 

With two 1/4" monitor outs and a stereo headphone output, the interface is perfect for driving your studio monitors, headphones or backing tracks while offering separate volume controls for both outputs. 

The Audio Box GO comes bundled with Studio One Prime DAW software (for use on both Mac and Windows), which includes the studio Magic plug-in suite, delivering a host of effects, virtual instruments, third-party loops, software and instrument sounds. 


  • The AudioBox GO's XMAX-L Class-A mic preamp is based on the design utilized in lauded StudioLive mixers from PreSonus. With switchable 48V phantom power and up to 50 dB of gain, the XLR-1/4" combo mic/line input is capable of accommodating a microphone (dynamic or condenser), or direct-box / line-level signals like a keyboard or drum machine.
  • A dedicated 1/4" TS input is provided for the direct connection of Hi-Z electric instruments such as a guitar or bass. Use the included Brainworx bx_rockrack plug-in to call up realistic amp tones in the supplied Studio One Prime software or your preferred DAW.
  • Boasting support for digital resolutions up to 24-bit / 96 kHz, the AudioBox GO is equipped to perform AD/DA conversion with clarity and precision. It can also serve as a quality DAC for playback of high-resolution files from your computer.
  • The AudioBox GO features a direct monitor function with a mix control, allowing you to make the perfect blend of the zero-latency live input signal and the return signal from your computer.
  • Travel light with the AudioBox GO. It is powered via a USB connection to your Mac or Windows computer, so you don't need to bring an external power supply. As a class-compliant USB Type-C device, it also works with Android devices and iPads.