PunQtum Q210 PW 4-channel Party-line Speaker Station w/ wireless connections

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By PunQtum

punQtum Wireless Apps now available on both Android and iOS!

The Q210 PW Speaker Station from punQtum gives you full control in an affordable, easy-to-use package. Designed to support the free punQtum Wireless app, it’s a self-contained hub for wired and wireless communication.

punQtum Wireless can be connected to a punQtum network by using a Wi-Fi access point and the Q210 PW speaker station. The station serves up to 4 connections to punQtum Wireless Apps and is equipped with 4 Channel communication and programmable buttons, allow muting all mics, make paging announcements or trigger logic outputs. Equipped with a network switch with 4 ports. Two of them are PoE powered to drive up to 4 wired beltpacks each.


  • 4-channel partyline speaker station
  • Compatibility with punQtum Wireless - up to 4 mobile devices
  • Built in loudspeaker
  • Microphone and headset connector
  • Rugged, Ethercon™ connectors
  • Easy-to-read colour display
  • 4 configurable buttons for PA announcements, talk to all, and GPO
  • Audio replay of missed comms
  • GPI inputs and outputs
  • Analogue inputs/outputs (2x 4-wire ports + 2x inputs + 2x outputs)
  • Built-in PoE switch to power up to 8 beltpacks or a wireless access point
  • 2 Public address output
  • 2 Program signal inputs
  • On- and Offline configuration software (Win/ Mac)


General Specifications
Power Source

50 … 54 VDC

PoE Power

30W per PoE port

Sampling Rate

16 kHz 

Headset Connector

XLR 4pin male

Connector Ethernet/LAN

4x RJ-45 EtherCon

Microphone Connector

1/4“ jack with 7/16“ -20 UNF thread

Built-in Speaker

5 Watts

Operating Temp.

-10° to +50°C

Operation Environment Humidity

0 to 90% non-condensing

H x W x D

19“ 1HU: 100 x 433 x 44 mm


1.7 kg

Headphone Output
Output impedance

27 Ohm

Output level

+ 18.5 dBu (max.)

Frequency response

20Hz to 7kHz (+0/-1dB)

Distortion @ 1kHz

<-73 dB (0.02%)

Dynamic range (20kHz)

95 dB (A-weighted)

Microphone Input
Bias Voltage

5.4V (typ.)

Full-scale input range

-53 … +4 dBu

Distortion @ 1kHz

< -75 dB (0.02%) @ + 4dBu FS (min. gain)
< -68 dB (0.04%) @ -30dBu FS
< -49 dB (0.35%) @ -53dBu FS (max. gain)

Dynamic range
92 dB (min. gain)
59 dB (max. gain)
Analog Interface Outputs
Input Impedance

< 2 Ohm

Input Level

+ 18 dBu (max.)

Frequency Response

20Hz to 7kHz (+0/-0.25dB)

Distortion @ 1kHz

<-80 dB (0.01%)

Dynamic Range (20kHz)

98 dB (A-weighted)

Analog Interface Inputs
Input Impedance

> 20 kOhm

Input Level

+ 18 dBu (max.)

Frequency Response

20Hz to 7kHz (+0/-0.25dB)

Distortion @ 1kHz

<-80 dB (0.01%)

Dynamic Range (20kHz)

90 dB (A-weighted)

GPI Inputs
Input Connector

D-Sub 9 female

Number of GPI Inputs


Input Type

Optocoupler input with current limiter

Input Voltage

5 … 50 VDC

Input Current

5 mA (typ.)

GPI Outputs
Output Connector

D-Sub 9 male

Number of GPI Outputs


Output Type

PhotoMOS Relay

On Resistance

< 3 Ohm

On Current

200 mA (max.) – resettable PTC fuse
400 mA

Maximum Voltage

50 VDC / 35 VAC

(*) all specifications are subject to change without notice