QSC GX5 2 x 700W/4 Ohm Power Amplifier

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QSC's GX Series amplifiers are ideal for professional entertainers who require maximum performance and portability on a limited budget. The hallmarks of the QSC brand - professional audio quality, meticulous engineering, precision manufacturing and long-term reliability - are all intrinsic to GX. Add contemporary styling, multiple input/output options, light weight, and advanced protection circuitry, and the GX Series clearly represents real value - something everyone can use.

GX amplifiers deliver just the right amount of power to the most popular speakers used by entertainers. Typically, loudspeaker manufacturers recommend an amplifier with power output equal to the speaker's Program (Music) Power rating or two times (2 x) the Continuous (RMS) Power rating.

The GX5 uses a Class H system, based on key elements of the PL Series, (PLX, PL3, CX, DCA) almost doubling power in the same size and weight. QSC design expertise allows the output devices to shift from low-power to high-power rails in less than a millionth of a second, ensuring that the output power is always right where it needs to be without excess loss.

Like the GX3, the GX5 uses premium toroidal power transformers for reliable "mid-weight" performance. A variable-speed fan moves air crosswise through the amplifier, drawing cool air in over the power transformer, through the fan, and then over the heat sink. This keeps the transformer cool and allows a full size heat sink to fit in a down-sized chassis.



  • 8 ohms / 1kHz - both channels driven: 500W
  • 8 ohms / 1kHz - single channel driven: 650W
  • 4 ohms / 1kHz - both channels driven: 700W
  • 4 ohms / 1kHz - single channel driven: 850W

Distortion (1 dB below rated power, 1kHz)

  • 8 ohms: less than 0.02%
  • 4 ohms: less than 0.05%

Signal to Noise (20Hz-20kHz): 100dB

Input Sensitivity: 1.2Vrms

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, +0, -1dB

Input Connectors (each channel): 3-pin XLR and 1/4" TRS, balanced, parallel

Output Connectors (each channel): Speakon®, 1/4", Binding Post

Dimensions HxWxD:  3.5" (89 mm) 2RU x 19" (483 mm) x 10.1" (257 mm

Weight Net: 28 lbs (12.6 kg)

Shipping: 32 lbs (14.6 kg)