QSC TouchMix-30 Pro Touchscreen Digital Mixer With 10" Screen

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Designed for production engineers, musicians and bands as well as live performance venues, TouchMix-30 Pro brings QSC’s remarkable TouchMix concept to the mixing professional. Combining features and functionality that will satisfy the most demanding users TouchMix-30 Pro also includes an intuitive workflow that delivers great results, quickly and easily, to users at every experience level.

32 input channels (24 mic/line, 6 line, stereo USB), via 8 sub-groups, 8 mute groups or 8 DCA groups, and 16 outputs offers tremendous signal management flexibility for a wide range of applications.  Central to everything is a large  10”multi-touch touchscreen with plenty of information immediately at hand. 24 Class-A mic preamps deliver premium audio to over 120 live instrument, microphone and other audio source presets. For the operator these thoughtfully engineered audio presets provide a big head start for each channel set-up  then, if necessary, plenty of manual fine tuning is available with 6-band fully parametric EQ, variable high-pass and low-pass filters, limiters and much more.

All outputs feature 1/3 octave graphic and 6-band parametric EQ,  plus limiters, delays and 12-band notch filters. Fourteen mono mixes can be paired as stereos and two pairs of auxes can drive wired in-ear monitors (IEM) directly.  Further packing the feature set TouchMix-30 Pro includes six stereo effects processors with pitch-correction, anti-feedback and room tuning wizards,  two real-time room analysers (RTA), a touch-and-route patch matrix, 32-channel direct-to-hard drive record/playback, 32-channel DAW Apple® interface and MP3 playback from USB.

•   32 inputs (24 mic/line, 6 line, 1 stereo USB playback).
•   10" (diagonal) color, multi-touch capacitive touch screen.
•   Intuitive Work Flow — simple for the novice; fast for the professional.
•   Over 120 Live Channel Presets for a wide range of sources and instruments.
•   Anti-Feedback; Room Tuning; Gain and Effects Wizards.
•   Comprehensive, on-board Info System guides and assists users.
•   4-Band full Parametric EQ, variable High- and Low-Pass Filters on all input channels.
•   Gate, Compressor and Delay on all input channels.
•   All outputs feature 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalization and 6-band Parametric EQ plus Limiters, Delay and 12-band Notch Filters.
•   Eight Sub-Groups with 6-band full Parametric EQ, variable High- and Low-PassFilters and Limiter. May be linked for stereo.
•   8 DCA groups; 8 Mute groups; 8 subgroups.
•   Two built-in Real Time Analyzers (RTA).
•   Six professional quality Stereo DSP Processors plus a Pitch Corrector.
•   Touch-and-Route Patch Matrix for easy “multing” of inputs to mixer channels.
•   Copy and Paste function easily duplicates mixes, channels, EQ, dynamics and more.
•   Monitor mixes: 14 mono mixes, may be paired for stereo. Two pairs of the Auxes can drive wired in-ear monitors (IEM) directly.
•   Records and playback multi-track wave files (32 tracks) using external hard drive. Capable of recording all input channels plus a user-selected stereo output pair.
•   Interfaces with most DAW software running on Mac® computers.
•   Remote control via mobile devices over Wi-Fi.•Rack-mountable with optional Accessory Kit