Sound Tools 100001 XLR Sniffer/Sender Cable Tester

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SoundTools XLR Sniffer/Sender Kit | RatSoundSales

The SoundTool™ Sniffer and Senders are 'On the fly', highly reliable, testers with remote ends used in the field to quickly determine faulty XLR cables and for testing phantom power at various stages and locations. They can also be used to quickly test phantom power on snakes.

Please note: the SoundTools™ Sniffer and Sender units are not intended to replace a multi-meter during your repair phase. These are designed as a fast way to test for faulty XLR cables and phantom power in the field.
The SoundTools™ Sniffer is a single ended XLR male cable tester that utilizes phantom power or the SoundTools™ Sender as a test source.
The SoundTools™ Sender is a battery powered XLR female tester that send the proper voltages to test all possible XLR line faults. Color coded LED's for easy use and trouble shooting.

eceive Unit - "Sniffer"

Test Mic lines using standard phantom power
Checks mic line for phantom power
The simplest way to trouble shoot snake systems and long installed cables
Checks all potential faults and wiring problems in XLR lines
Can be used with or without the Send Unit
When used with any standard Phantom Power source, the SoundTools™ Sniffer indicates faults with the following indications:
Phantom present and all wiring is correct (green, green, green))
3/4" diameter X 3" in length

Send Unit - "Sender"
Powered by a 12 volt "car alarm" battery - included!
Extremely long battery life. Months to years on a single battery!
On/Off switch allows storing the Send and Receive units plugged into each other.
No battery drain if unit is left on while not plugged in.