Sound Tools 100003 NL-4 Sniffer/Sender Cable Tester

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The SoundTool™ Sniffer and Senders are 'On the fly', highly reliable, testers with remote ends used in the field to quickly determine faulty NL4/Speakon cables at various stages and locations. They can also be used to quickly test phantom power on snakes.

Please note: the SoundTools™ Sniffer and Sender units are not intended to replace a multi-meter during your repair phase. These are designed as a fast way to test for faulty NL4/Speakon cables in the field.
The SoundTools™ Sniffer is a single ended NL4 male cable tester that utilizes the SoundTools™ NL4 Sender as a test source.
The SoundTools™ Sender is a battery powered NL4 female tester that sends the proper voltages to test all possible NL4 line faults. Color coded LED's for easy use and trouble shooting.


Designed by Rat Sound to deal with the "real world" of pro audio, the SoundTools™ Sniffer cable tester is a amazingly simple and reliable tester with many unique features. Testing snake lines and cables with the ends located at a distance from each other is now simple and easy and you can do it without running extra cables just to test.


There are two basic ways to use the Rat Sniffer.

1) Using the Sniffer and Sender together you would attach them to an NL4 cable, the sniffer on one end and sender on the other. Turn on the sender and if all the LED's on the Sniffer illuminate green, the NL4 cable is good. Any other combo is a fault condition that can be decoded with the included LED chart card.

Note: you can attach the sniffer directly to the sender to test them. Also, if the Sender is not attached to anything, the battery will not drain so you can leave it on.