Tama MS736BK Iron Works Microphone Stand

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By Tama
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Iron-Core Telescoping Boom Arm with removable heavy counter weight - With its solid-core telescoping iron boom arm and removable counterweight, Iron Works boom stands safely and securely hold heavy microphones and accessories. Inside the boom arm, our rod stopper is made of POM, as opposed to nylon. This longer and more durable stopper ensures stability, and minimizes wobble. The detachable counterweight is key in terms of allowing the user to configure the stand with a left-handed or right-handed orientation, while still facing the T-handle in the desired direction.

Vice-Grip Boom Tilter - The tilter is one of the most crucial pivot points of any boom stand. TAMA's unique multi-steel-plate compression approach cinches and secures this critical axis with remarkable strength and assuredness.

Iron-Core Legs with heavy vibration-isolating rubber feet - Instead of using common hollow metal tubing, Iron Works Studio's tripod legs are solid iron. This smart, bottom-heavy design feature not only provides steadfast positioning, but also facilitates a smaller tripod footprint. TAMA's extra thick rubber foot covers "float" the stand, isolating the microphone from floor vibrations.

Silent T-Handle - Loosely fitted T-handles used for securing the boom's angle have always been overlooked, but the negative consequence of this neglected detail can be a noticeable metallic buzzing or rattling during performance. TAMA solves this age-old problem by embedding a plastic insert inside the stem that presses against the T-handle, once the tilter is tightened.


  • Vice-Grip Boom Tilter
  • Iron-Core Legs with Vibration-Isolating Rubber Feet
  • Iron-Core Boom Arm
  • Detachable Boom Arm
  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Height: 440-605mm (17 5/16"-23 13/16")
  • Arm: 505–50mm (19 7/8"–33 7/16")