DiGiCo SD11 Digital Console Surface

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By DiGiCo
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The SD11 is the smallest by far of all the DiGiCo consoles. This 19-inch rack mount or table top mixer is a very powerful solution that can be incorporated into pretty much any mixing environment, the SD11 is also powered by Stealth Digital Processing and floating point Super FPGA technology, and transporting it couldn't be easier just pop it on the back seat of the car. This easy-to-use mixer delivers extremely high performance at a staggeringly competitive price point. It boasts 32 processing channels (eight of which are flexi channels, configurable as either mono or stereo) at 48kHz, which is the equivalent of 40 channels of full DSP processing.

Key Feautures:

  • 32 (8 flexi) input channels
  • 12 flexi aux/sub-group busses
  • LR/LCR master bus
  • 8 x 8 full processing matrix
  • 2 solo
  • 4 dynamic equalizers
  • 4 multiband compressors
  • 4 digital FX
  • 12 graphic equalizers
  • Optional waves integration
  • 48kHz/96kHz sample rate


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